SUPER SHARKS    4 Year Olds

I make champions for life!

LITTLE SHARKS       5-7  Year Olds
 SHARKS & TIGER SHARKS   8-12 Year Olds
LAND SHARKS    Teen & Adults

The Super Sharks at Land Shark Martial Arts are the very cutest karate kids you have ever seen! But after you get past that you will see this is a great starter program for your little ones. This program focuses on the basics of American Freestyle Karate. They will learn how to act in a group, work on listening skills, colors, letters, numbers, how to listen to mom and dad better, self control, understanding their feeling through fun interactive martial arts games and of course basic martial arts for their age!                                                      ****this is secret super hero training****

This is a very unique program I offer that is a blend of Martial Arts Preskills & our SaftyNETkids partnership.  Your child will learn about: personal safety, how to handle bullies, self-defense skills and working on self confidence through their belt system. All of this is done through very fun and exciting Martial Arts Program!                      ****Preskills & SaftyNETkids Program****

Your child will only stay a child for so long until the realities of life confront them.  I truly believe there is a small opening in a child’s life that one can instill the core value system I offer.  The time frame is 8-12 years of age.  This is a hard time for kids in the sense they are starting to understand things about who they are and the real world.  The program I created helps them on this journey, it teach them how to be a good person throughout the true teachings of the Martial Arts.

                                                                ****Youth Character Development Program****

The goal in my Land Shark Martial Arts Teen/Adult program is to get people up and moving with some fun punching, kicking and self-defense skills!  If you want to find a new way to push yourself, than this is the program for you.  The best part about my Teen/Adult program is you will be working your way through the belt ranks getting stronger and healthier on your way to your Black Belt.        

                                            **** Self Defense Program****

               I know for a fact that any one of these programs will help children and adults GAIN an unfair advantage for life.    Quality creates quality!


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